10 Tips for Moving to a New Office Space in Wake Forest


Moving to a new office space is even more overwhelming than moving to a new home. You have a lot of employees, equipment, furniture and documents to move, plus there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of with this type of relocation. From cubby walls to conference room tables, you need to hire a mover with the available resources to relocate all your largest and most expensive belongings in a timely manner. After all, if you’re not being productive, you’re losing money.

If you have decided to move to new office space in Wake Forest, we have some tips for you so it all goes smoothly.

  1. Plan early

Don’t wait till the last minute to start planning out your move. Start as early as you can and delegate responsibilities to your team members. You don’t want to be the only one in the office on the last night throwing pens and staplers into boxes. Planning early will also ensure you can get everything packed up properly, especially your delicate items such as scanners, copiers and laptops. Know where everything will go once in the new office. Use blueprints to determine office and common space layouts, which will also help you decide which furniture and equipment to bring and what to sell beforehand because it doesn’t fit. And lastly, create an office moving budget so costs don’t spiral out of control.

  1. Appoint a move manager

You’re the boss but you can’t do everything. Dividing up all the work is imperative, but you can’t be chasing people down either. That’s why you should designate a move manager who will facilitate the logistics of the move and make sure all steps are being followed. Use your administrative assistant for this task or someone in a position of power who has dealt with commercial relocations in the past.

  1. Research the best moving company

Get three quotes from three different moving companies. They should come to your office for an in-person consultation and estimate. This will allow the movers to see what you have and come up with the most accurate quote. They will also be able to see what logistical challenges will be involved in the office move, such as stairs, tight hallways, the use of elevators, etc. Make sure the mover you choose has vast experience with office relocations, especially in Wake Forest, and make sure they’re licensed and insured.

  1. Tell everyone to pack up their own desk

The movers may be taking care of all the big stuff, but your employees should each be responsible for packing up their own desk space and belongings. Tell them to start early and do a little bit each day.

  1. Involve the IT department

You’ll need to come up with a plan for disconnecting and reconnecting all of your computers, A/V equipment, phones and more. Request that your IT department come up with a plan to transfer all the office’s technical equipment, as well as data and Internet plans. If you have obsolete pieces of equipment you don’t want to take with you, recycle or donate them.

  1. Know the building’s rules

Familiarize yourself with all the building rules surrounding relocation. You may be limited to moving during non-business hours or you may have to submit a request to use the freight elevator or loading dock parking spaces for the movers. Do this well beforehand so there are no surprises on moving day.

  1. Change your address

Update your documents with the new address as soon as you can. This will include anything from business cards and company letterhead to envelopes and return labels. Tell your clients and vendors of the move as well.

  1. Label all boxes

Labeling your boxes is critical, especially with an office move of this magnitude. You’ll want to keep office productivity going for as long as possible, so do yourself a favor and properly label all boxes. When it comes time to unpack, the boxes will be in the right rooms and you’ll know exactly what the contents are. You don’t want to have to hunt for toner or printer paper when you’re trying to get up and running. Best thing to do is label each box with a location and #, offset by a spreadsheet that lists the box numbers and all items inside.

  1. Take measurements

Nothing is worse than showing up to the new digs and the office fridge that had no problem fitting in the old place is about an inch too wide for the new one. Take detailed measurements and then compare those dimensions with the new office space. Do this for all large items such as conference room tables, electrical equipment, copiers, waiting area furniture and more.

  1. Move non-essentials on your own

You can save time and money by transporting the small stuff on your own, as you can — assuming of course that the lease is open to you before the official moving day. Items like plants, decorative items, and office supplies can be transported in your car at your leisure.

Moving to a new office is hard work, but always remember: you’re doing it for the greater good of your company. It’s all about growth, so if you have the money and resources to move to a bigger place, this should be a moment of pride in your business. Plus, when you hire a mover skilled in Wake Forest office relocations, you know someone strong is behind you making the logistics function seamlessly.

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