Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh For Young Professionals

If you’re thinking about moving to Raleigh, congratulations! It’s the perfect place for young professionals to launch their careers, make friends, and get a head start in one of America’s greatest cities.

However, Raleigh neighborhoods all have their own distinct flavor. Which one should you pick? Most people become a reflection of their environment, and Raleigh is no different.

Raleigh neighborhoods will dictate your neighbors, nightlife, friends, commute, and so much more. It’s important to know that you’re picking the right one.

That’s why we’ve assembled a guide to the best Raleigh neighborhoods for young professionals. Let’s get started!

Why Live in Raleigh?

People pick Raleigh for multiple reasons. One of them is the relatively low rent. In a time where housing prices are skyrocketing across the nation, rent remains relatively low.

Young professionals often have to choose between their career and the price of living. For instance, housing prices are dirt cheap in places like rural South Dakota. However, there’s a distinct lack of white-collar professional connections to be made there, even for remote workers.

This isn’t true in Raleigh. The combination of cheap rent and a job hunter’s paradise known as the Triangle makes it a great place for someone trying to launch their career. Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham all circle Triangle Research Park, a complex that houses over 140 businesses.

If you’re looking for a job or a place to network, this is where you want to be! Living in Raleigh is great, but what neighborhoods are best for budding professionals?

Cameron Village

Not quite ready to give up the buzzy social life you’re used to in college? No worries! Cameron Village is home territory for young professionals who still want to live it up on the weekends.

It’s close to North Carolina State, which means there is plenty of potential to make friends your age. But it’s far enough that Cameron Village isn’t a “college neighborhood” either.

Cameron Village is known for its upscale vibe, ranging from expensive little boutiques and world-class restaurants. If you have a little money to burn and want to make the most of your twenties, this is the place to be.

You’ll have an opportunity to walk or bike around this entire neighborhood since it has a high walkability score. You’ll also be able to access downtown Raleigh and the arts/culture scene easily, too. It’s also referred to as the Village District, which is worthwhile to know as you ease into the local pace.

Downtown Raleigh

The best Raleigh neighborhoods depend on you. Of course, there are objective standards like safety and walkability. But what are you specifically looking for out of your new home?

If you want somewhere that you’re surrounded by arts and culture, while still having access to the tech startup vibe that makes Raleigh so popular amongst millennials, move downtown.


Your access to the Research Triangle Park will pay off when it comes to networking opportunities. And if you work there, you’ll have a short commute!

The downtown area has great transportation, and the streets are designed for you to walk and bike to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for a classic Raleigh experience, this is it. You’ll be able to go to museums, attend ballets, and so much more.

If you want to achieve that work-life balance, downtown is a great option. There are so many other tech workers living here that you may make some good friends within your industry, too.

Boylan Heights

If you’re not in the white-collar tech industry, what are the best places to live in Raleigh? If you’re building a career in the arts, Boylan Heights is the place to be.

This Raleigh neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places. With so much history, this area has a quiet, dreamy vibe that many artists love.

In fact, there’s a neighborhood ArtWalk that has been running strong for three decades. It often features aspiring local artists and is a neighborhood staple.

If you want to pursue the arts while still staying in a suburban area, Boylan Heights might be a perfect choice. You’ll likely be sharing your block with other young professionals, young families, or empty nesters looking to turn over a new leaf.

Cameron Park

Don’t confuse this historic neighborhood with Cameron Village! If you look at a Raleigh neighborhoods map, you’ll see this area is west of downtown. With colonial homes and cute bungalows—not to mention a streetcar—you’ll love the peaceful atmosphere.

This is the perfect place if you’re looking to jumpstart adult life quickly. If you’d rather think about starting a family than extending your college days, Cameron Park is a great choice.

With some of the best apartments in Raleigh, you’ll be able to get downtown for work quickly. But when you come home, you can revel in suburban peace without the sounds of a nightclub next door.

North Hills

If you’re a young professional with a high-paying salary, congratulations! All that work paid off. But now, you can use some of that salary to live in North Hills.

It’s important to note that you’ll be paying for all the amenities you get in North Hills. The median income in this neighborhood is far higher than the average in the rest of Raleigh.


But if you can afford it, North Hills is a fantastic place for wealthy young professionals. As a shopper’s paradise, with boutiques, craft breweries, and hotels, you’ll lack for nothing in North Hills.

Because of all the businesses in this area, North Hill is growing fast. It’s the new ‘it place’ in Raleigh, so jump in on the action now!


If you’re swayed by Raleigh’s charms, but don’t want to live smack-dab in the city itself, then Morrisville is the place for you. As a quiet suburb, you’ll need a car to get around. It certainly isn’t as walkable as downtown!

But you’ll be surrounded by plenty of others with the same idea. Raleigh is a great place to launch your career, but a little suburban quiet is nice, too. That’s why so many launching their careers end up moving to Morrisville.

With picturesque opportunities to get outside and enjoy the wealth of parks, Morrisville is a great place for bonding opportunities with your dog. Or, you can just sit outside and enjoy nature with a cup of coffee!

Five Points

There’s so much to choose from when picking between Raleigh NC neighborhoods. However, when choosing a neighborhood, it’s never like it is in the movies.

When picking a neighborhood, many people envision something like a movie. It’s artistic, walkable, with no annoying neighbors. Every barista at the boutique coffee shop knows your regular order, and there’s always some fun festival going on.

If that’s what you’re looking for, it might seem impossible to find in other cities. But that’s exactly what Five Points can provide for you.

With theaters hosting classic movie nights, coffee shops that have become local legends, art galleries, and Southern cafes, it’s the perfect place to curate your Raleigh experience.

It’s also a great place to move if you don’t have a car. This neighborhood has a high walkability score, and almost everything you need is within walking distance. You might not even need a bike for your day-to-day needs!

Brier Creek

Want to spend some of your time networking on the local golf course? If so, think about Brier Creek. What’s better than a golf course designed by Arnold Palmer himself?

As a trendy suburb, you’ll want to be making a high salary to afford most places in Brier Creek. But if you have a career that requires a lot of late hours and long travel, it’s a great place to be.


If your career requires a lot of travel and networking, Brier Creek is a good move. This is partly because it’s only ten minutes from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. You’re also close to the interstate, too.

But Brier Creek isn’t all work and no play. There’s a reason that it’s one of the best Raleigh neighborhoods for young professionals! There’s plenty of opportunities to indulge in world-class restaurants and nightlife.

No matter what you’re craving, Brier Creek can cater to your desires. Whether you want to indulge in a German beer garden or an Irish pub, there’s a place on Brier Creek for you.

This neighborhood is all about options and convenience. Given the incredibly busy lives many professionals lead here, that’s an important factor when you’re deciding your move.

Deciding on Raleigh Neighborhoods

When you’re deciding on Raleigh neighborhoods, don’t be afraid to take your time and tour each neighborhood yourself! An area that sounds perfect on paper might feel different once you’re actually standing in it.

Once you’ve made a decision, it’s time to enlist some top-notch help. That’s exactly what our movers can provide for you! With everything taken care of, you won’t need to stress about your belongings at all.

Reach out and contact us today! We’d be happy to help.

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