Moving to Raleigh on Short Notice

Stressful doesn’t even begin to describe a move – and it’s even more so when you have to relocate at the last minute. Whether that’s because your work is transferring you, you’re facing a divorce, or you are being evicted from your apartment, moving on short notice can be made easier when you hire skilled movers to help you.

Planning on a move to Raleigh? This city in North Carolina home to 464,000 pulls in lots of people every year thanks to its tasty southern food, craft beer, top rated schools, quiet suburbs and thriving economy, particularly in the education, technology, and healthcare fields. In fact, in 2017, Raleigh was declared the third best city for job seekers.

A Bit About Raleigh

First, let’s give you a bit of background on this state capital and second-largest city in North Carolina. Located in Wake County, neighboring towns include Clayton, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest and Rolesville.

Dubbed the “City of Oaks” thanks to its majestic oak tree-lined streets downtown, Raleigh’s claim to fame is Research Triangle Park (RTP), named after the tri-city region of Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham. Punctuated by typical small-town Southern charm, Raleigh’s growing metropolis makes it a great place to live for singles, couples, families and retirees.

Good news is, it’s an affordable city in which to live, with a strong economy and a growing job market. Here are some stats to know:

  • The median home value is $335,000.
  • The median household income is $65,000.
  • North Carolina’s flat income tax rate is 5.25%.
  • Raleigh’s sales tax rate is 7.25%.
  • Median rent: $756/month.
  • Average energy bill: $161/month.
  • Average phone bill: $172/month.
  • Average cost of gas: $2.64/gallon.
  • North Carolina’s cost of living is 10% lower than the national average.
  • The average housing expenses here are 30% lower than the national average, according to Payscale.

Now that you know a little bit more about the city you’re moving to, let’s talk about how you can handle a last-minute move to Raleigh – without losing your mind!

Planning is Key

Planning a move takes lots of hard work – especially when the clock is ticking. First, you have to buy a new home in Raleigh, then you have to hire the movers, create a checklist, pack, and handle the rigors of moving day. Your movers can help with the logistics and heavy stuff, while you concentrate on the details that will ensure a smooth move for your family.

The  key to planning a last-minute move is to create a checklist and inventory of all your belongings. Take photos of every room and do close-ups of all valuables. Write everything down that you own, and which room it’s all in. This way, you can compare that list later when you move everything into the new home. You’ll easily know if anything is missing.

The checklist will help you keep track of tasks related to packing. It’s easy to miss important jobs when you don’t have it all laid out on a piece of paper or computer spreadsheet. As you pack a room, check it off.

Take Your Time – Sort Of

By its very definition, a last-minute move doesn’t give you a lot of time! But that doesn’t mean you have to be careless and hasty. When faced with a sudden move, it’s natural to panic and feel rushed to get everything done in time. However, rushing will only add to the havoc and make more work for yourself.

Go through your task checklist and tick off each one as you go. Change the utilities – check! Notify the post office – check! Get your medical records transferred to your new doctor – check! Trying to keep track of everything in your head will only serve to stress you out more as you realize you keep forgetting important dates and jobs. You’ll actually end up working against yourself in the end.

Hire Professionals

Without a doubt, another mainstay of an urgent move is to hire professional movers. If you think you can move within a few weeks, pack and manage your family at the same time, think again. Delegate wherever you can, and usually the best thing to outsource is the actual move. If you are really pressed for time, hire your movers to pack for you as well. They will bring the supplies and handle the tedious work of properly packing your stuff so you can concentrate on more important things.

Now, in the interest of time, you won’t be able to thoroughly vet the movers you choose, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be discriminating. Call a few movers and get a few estimates. Choose the one with a reasonable price and one that you feel comfortable with. When in a hurry, you may want to choose a full-service mover that is able to pack and move your belongings quickly all within one company.

Arrange Child and Pet Care

In your haste to prepare for your upcoming move, it can be easy to overlook the fears and confusion of your small kids and pets. Take the time to talk to your kids about the move, and explain that it will be chaotic for a little while but that you will make sure everything works out smoothly. Let them know they’ll be well taken care of and that they can come to you for any reason to talk.

During the move itself, arrange for care for your kids and pets so they’re not underfoot while you’re trying to pack and the movers are trying to haul boxes out of the house. Pack your kids a travel bag that contains comfort items, snacks, prescription medication, electronics and toys so they can feel a sense of calm during the move.

In the end, staying calm during your last-minute move will keep you from making crucial mistakes.

Contact Excellent Point Movers

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