Tips for Moving to Temporary Housing


Whether you need temporary lodgings till you find a permanent home due to a work relocation or you’re moving to another city or state for work or school for a short time, finding temporary accommodations is often the best course of action. This will give you a safe, comfortable living space for whatever length of time you need, bridging the gap until you can settle in permanently. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying a new home for such a short time, especially when you know you’ll be back soon.

There are many temporary housing options out there, from short-term rentals to extended stay hotels to corporate housing, so it’s important to do your research first. You may need storage in the interim, too, and for that, seek out a trusted mover.

Reasons Why You May Need Temporary Housing

  • You’re moving before you have located a new home: It’s not easy – or fast – to find the perfect home for yourself or your family. It takes time to research the area, and then decide if you even like the new city. No sense in buying something permanent unless you really love it. Temporary housing gives you time to explore the neighborhood, find a job, and check out the real estate market.
  • There’s a gap between moving out and moving in: If you have already closed on your existing home but can’t close on your other one for a couple of months, temporary housing is a great way to bridge the gap without having to disrupt extended family members or spend a lot of money on hotels.
  • You’re moving temporarily out of state: There are many reasons why you would have to leave your home city or state for a little while, such as attending college or the military. You know you will be back and don’t want to invest in a new home on such a temporary basis.
  • You’re facing a temporary work relocation: Your company may want to relocate you to another location to set up a new branch, train new employees, or head up a new division to get it off the ground. You won’t be gone long enough to need a new house or even to bring your family along but you still need somewhere to stay.
  • You’re doing renovations to your house: Extensive renovations to a home often makes it difficult or impossible to continue living there while they are underway. Temporary housing for your family and your essential stuff is critical until you can move back in.
  • You have to take care of a sick loved one: If your aging parent is facing a terminal illness, you may have to move back home for a short while to provide care.

Types of Temporary Housing

There are many types of temporary housing to choose from, such as:

1.     Hotels or Vacation Houses

If you need lodging for less than a month, hotels, extended stay hotels and vacation homes can be very convenient. It will almost be like you’re on vacation – all the house cleaning is taken care of, your meals can be delivered to your room, you likely have access to a pool and gym, and you can come and go as you please.

2.     Corporate Housing

If relocating due to work reasons, your company may provide corporate housing for employees who need temporary living accommodations. These homes are usually situated in quiet suburban neighborhoods, come fully furnished, and have many amenities included in the rent, including your own parking spot.

3.     Short-Term Rentals

When you need temporary lodging for more than six months and up to a year, a rental home for your family is best. There will likely be a lease agreement to abide by and you will have to set up utilities, but this is an affordable option for many people who want their own space.

How to Choose

So, how do you choose which option is best for you?

There are several factors to consider, such as how long you need to stay, how much space you need, location, desired amenities, and specific requirements you may need.

  • Duration of stay: The option you choose for a two-week stay will be vastly different than for a nine-month stay.
  • Living space: If you’re only moving yourself, you won’t need much space, but you will need larger accommodations if you are bringing your family with you. You’ll also have to look for pet-friendly rentals if you are planning on bringing Fido.
  • Desired amenities: What furnishings, facilities, and services are available? The fewer things you have to take with you, the simpler the relocation will be.
  • Location: You may need the temporary housing to be close to your workplace (corporate housing would be best), your kids’ school, downtown, or in the suburbs.
  • Budget: You’ll have to make compromises if you’re on a tight budget. A hotel stay is quite convenient and luxurious, but is often the most expensive. In general, short-term apartment rentals are more affordable than hotel suites. In addition, you can get some good discounts from extended stay hotels.

In the end, it’s important to be flexible when finding temporary housing. You may have to extend your search area, compromise on luxury amenities, etc. Once you find the right temporary accommodation, you’ll have to research and book your movers. You may even need to book storage facilities, which most movers can help with. Get at least three estimates before making a decision on a professional moving company. Make sure they specialize in temporary housing moves and offer storage.

Contact Excellent Point Movers

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Tips for Moving to Temporary Housing

Tips for Moving to Temporary Housing

Whether you need temporary lodgings till you find a permanent home due to a work relocation or you’re moving to another city or state for work or school for...
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